House Church

Welcome to House Church!

House church is an essential piece of the rhythm of our community as we pursue the presence of the Lord in homes and experience deeper relationship together. We believe in the importance of gathering collectively in the gym on Sunday mornings and also within homes throughout the week. Our house church gatherings are designed to engage your family through prayer, worship, teaching, and belonging. We desire for every heart and every home to become an altar unto Him!

Gathering in homes across the city

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If you have questions about house church, please email us. 

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Will house church replace Sunday morning gatherings?

House church adds an opportunity to build relationship and engage in deeper community; however, it does not replace Sunday morning gatherings. We still believe that our corporate gathering is very important, and we encourage everyone to attend Sunday mornings and join a bi-weekly weeknight house church. 

When do house churches meet?

Gatherings will take place bi-weekly (every other week) on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings in various host homes around the city. Our hope is that you attend a house church closest to where you live in order to build community with those near you. However, if the house church(es) in your area do not meet on your preferred evening,  we will find another location that fits your family's needs. Begin by clicking the button above to sign up and our team will find a home that works for you!

What about my kids?

Each home will determine how best to meet the needs of the people in that home. The goal is that families are worshipping and drawing closer to the Lord together, so kids are welcome and will be incorporated in a variety of ways in house church. 

Is this the same as small groups?

Many people are more familiar with a small group model as compared to a house church model. There are many similarities between the two. For us, house church is the primary means for discipleship and shepherding. Each home has a house church leader who serves as the shepherd for that group. Additionally, it is important that we experience the Gospel of Jesus Christ each time we gather in any capacity at Kingdom Collective and that we pursue the presence of God through prayer, worship, teaching, and belonging. 

If Kingdom Collective isn't my home church, can I still participate in house church?

At this time, due to capacity, number of homes, and available leaders – we are limiting participation to those who attend regularly on Sunday mornings. 

Any additional questions? Please email us!